Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition Refund Policy

To be eligible for a tuition refund, a student must notify the Dean and the Registrar in writing of his or her intention to withdraw from studies. The amount of refund is determined as of the date of receipt of written notice of withdrawal and is calculated as follows:

Withdrawal before the start of instruction: 100% Tuition Refund

Withdrawal during the first 60% of instruction: * Pro Rata Tuition

Refund Calculation:

Total hours of instruction offered – Total hours elapsed X Total Tuition Cost

Total hours of instruction offered

Withdrawal after completion of 60%* of instruction: No refund

* 60% of instruction is completed in the 9th week of classes during the fall and spring semesters and in the 6th week of classes during the summer semester.

Please note that Semester Fees will be pro rated by semester. Reservation fees will not be refunded.  Students attending the College under the Veteran’s Administration Bill are governed by a special refund policy.

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