Changes Coming for Legal Education

state bar sealAs a member of the State Bar of California Task Force for Admission Regulation Reform, I am participating in exciting changes that are being planned for legal education in California. The  Task Force is recommending that law school curriculum include a minimum of 15 units of practical skills (including clinics and internships), 50 hours of legal service for pro-bono (free) or limited means clients as a pre-condition for licensure, and 10 specified practice-oriented continuing legal education (CLE) courses within the first year of practice. The Task Force, which is made up of lawyers, judges, law professors, and bar trustees is also looking at how to encourage the use of adjuncts and practitioners in the law school curriculum. It is not difficult for me to support these changes, because Monterey College of Law already meets or exceeds each one of the recommendations. Our law school determined that these are critical aspects of being a successful lawyer. Over the past several years we have expanded the opportunities for our students to gain valuable skills training while in law school in preparation for practice upon graduation.

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