IMPORTANT NOTICE: Possible Change in Undergraduate Degree Requirements for students admitted after January 30, 2015

Monterey College of Law President and Dean Mitchel Winick announced possible changes in admission requirements that may take effect after January 30, 2015. MCL has been accredited through the State Bar of California since 1982. However, to provide additional resources for our students, the law school is in the process of pursuing secondary accreditation through the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Although we do not control the timing or process of accreditation, we are working diligently to have ACICS accreditation in place for the Fall 2015 Semester.
Under current State Bar accreditation rules, MCL may currently admit students who have completed at least 60 units of academic undergraduate credit or who have successfully passed certain competency exams such as the CLEP test. However, under ACICS rules, applicants for Masters and Doctoral level degree programs (including the MLS and the JD degrees) must have completed an undergraduate Bachelors degree prior to enrollment in a graduate program.Therefore, students who apply and are accepted to MCL PRIOR to January 30, 2015 will be admitted under the current State Bar rules that do not require a bachelor’s degree. Students who apply AFTER January 30, 2015 may be subject to the new ACICS rules that require the completion of a Bachelor’s degree prior to enrollment in either the MLS or JD program.If you are a potential applicant who does not have a completed Bachelor’s degree, please keep this extremely important deadline in mind. If you have questions about admission standards, please contact our Dean of Admissions, Wendy LaRiviere at or call 831-582-4000 ext 1012.

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