New Practical Lawyering Program Underway

Monterey College of Law’s New Solo Practitioner Incubator provides a business start-up setting for new attorneys interested in creating a solo practice. This program is specifically designed to support Monterey College of Law (MCL) alumni, but is open to any lawyer in the first three years of his or her practice. The incubator will help new solo practitioners with the business aspects of establishing a law practice. The incubator will require new solos to provide low-bono (low cost) services to low-income and traditionally underserved populations in Monterey County.

“Our goal is to help new attorneys become successful, public interest-oriented practitioners,” said the program’s director Sara Sturtevant, Associate Dean of Community Education. “Drawing on the experience of local attorneys and business leaders, we will provide our new lawyers with a solid foundation for the future when they exit the incubator in twelve months.”

While the new solos are building their practices, they are required to provide low cost legal services to income-qualified individuals and families who otherwise could not afford legal help. This experience allows the incubator lawyers to improve their legal skills while providing a valuable service to the community. “It is a win-win situation, getting this type of supervised experience is a great way to start a successful legal career,” said Sturtevant.

The program will provide access to affordable office space, guidance in managing a legal practice, education about basic business practices, and ongoing continuing legal education.

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