The $30,000,000 question

Is MCL pursuing ABA accreditation? Without going into huge detail, California accredited law schools such as MCL were founded to serve regions where no ABA law school is available. Most have between 120-200 students. They generally serve regional areas such as Monterey, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Fresno, East Bay, etc. Most are evening part-time programs that allow students to work while they are in law school.

In our case, after 40+ years, our graduates are local judges, DAs, Public Defenders, and private practitioners in every practice area. About one-third of the local bar association members are MCL graduates . . . which is one of the reasons that it isn’t difficult to get a local job after graduation.

It has been estimated that it would take about $30 million in infrastructure, library, faculty, and administrative staffing to qualify for ABA accreditation . . . we wouldn’t do it even if the money was available . . . we focus on teaching and training, not building monuments and museums.

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