With the announcement that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris
Agreement on climate change . . . are you concerned about the future of the
environment? If you are one of the nearly 70% of Americans who believe that the
US should not have withdrawn from an environmental agreement negotiated and
agreed to by 195 nations . . . what can you do about it?

Perhaps it is time to think about becoming a lawyer.

Environmental lawyers work on issues related to air and water quality, waste
management, water, mineral, and forest resources, and the management of
wildlife, plants, fish, and game. They can be involved in real estate development,
factory and manufacturing regulations, energy production, agriculture, ranching,
fishing, marine and forestry management . . . the list is long and the issues are
interesting and important.

Environmental law can be local, regional, national, and even international in

Environmental law should not be a partisan, political activity . . . well trained,
talented, dedicated lawyers are needed to represent clients on every side of the
challenging environmental issues that our community, country, and world will be

The US cannot actually withdraw from the Paris agreement until November 2020.
There is still time for you to make a difference . . . consider attending law school

For information about attending Monterey College of Law, an accredited evening
law school program, go to www.montereylaw.edu or contact Dean of Admissions
Wendy LaRiviere at (831) 582-4000 ext. 1012 or wlariviere@montereylaw.edu.

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