Monterey College of Law is now accepting applications for 2021! Summer, Fall, or Spring Semester start options.  Apply Now!

Monterey College of Law (MCL) is a accredited and authorized by the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners We offer three locations for starting your law school program: our MCL campus in Seaside, California; our branch campus in San Luis Obispo, CA; our branch campus in Bakersfield, CA. We also have an online hybrid option. In addition to the traditional J.D. Degree program, we offer a concurrent J.D./M.L.S. degree program, a two-year Master of Legal Studies degree, and an advanced graduate law LL.M degree.

Guaranteed Tuition Rate through Degree Completion

Monterey College of Law also believes that it was the first law school in California to initiate a policy of protecting students from tuition increases during their course of study. As long as you remain continuously enrolled in good academic standing at SLO College of Law, your tuition rate will not increase.

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Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.)
Monterey College of Law is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California to offer the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) degree. The J.D is a three-to-four year (90 unit) traditional U.S. graduate law degree program designed for individuals who wish to be licensed as a California attorney.

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JD/MLS – Concurrent Degree Program
Monterey College of Law provides applicants the option of concurrently enrolling in the J.D. and Master of Legal Studies degree programs. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is granted both the J.D. and M.L.S. degrees. Completion of the M.L.S. degree requires a major writing project. All other credit courses are completed concurrently with the J.D. program.

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The LL.M. graduate law degree program is a 24-unit program that is designed to promote advanced legal educational for practicing attorneys and law schools graduates from the U.S and foreign countries. Applicants are required to have successfully completed a first degree in law from a U.S. law school or foreign legal studies program. The LL.M. degree curriculum is designed individually for each student to meet his or her specific goals.

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Admission Deadlines--Fall, Spring and Summer

Monterey College of Law enrolls first year students for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Fall Semester admission deadline is July 20.

Spring Semester admission deadline is January 20

Summer Semester admission deadline is April 20.

For more information, please contact Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruiting, Dena Dowsett

Application Qualifications

Monterey College of Law seeks applicants with a solid academic record and a strong desire to study law. We encourage applicants from a broad range of ages and experience. Our goal is to have MCL represent the broad diversity of our community.

MCL seeks to identify candidates who display the character and skills necessary to succeed as law students… and ultimately as law graduates. Monterey College of Law admits students without regard to race, age, sex, creed, color, physical handicap, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, national or ethnic origin.

If you have questions about your qualifications or the process for applying to law school, contact Assistant Dean of Admissions, Dena Dowsett at

Application Process

  1. Recommended: Contact MCL admissions department prior to submitting application to inquire about MCL programs, application requirements, and application process and timing.
  2. Complete and submit appropriate degree program application with $75.00 application fee.
  3. Prepare and submit personal statement.
  4. Arrange for official transcripts from all colleges attended to be sent directly to MCL admissions department at 100 Col. Durham Street, Seaside, CA 93955.
  5. If required, register and take LSAT prior to admissions deadline.
  6. Request letters of recommendation (optional) to be sent to MCL admissions department.
  7. You will be notified by e-mail and letter of admission decision within two-weeks after all required documentation is received.

Rolling Admissions

The admissions department reviews applications using a “rolling admissions” process throughout the year. Your file will achieve optimal consideration if your application is received early, rather than waiting until the deadlines for Spring, Fall and Summer semesters.

Applications received after the application deadline may be considered on a space-available basis, but will be assessed a late fee ($250).

Admissions Interviews

Interviews for admissions are not required. Under some circumstances, the review committee may request one.  If one is requested, the applicant will be contacted by the Assistant Dean of Admissions.

Law School Admission Test ( LSAT )

Applicants to our law schools now can choose from the following options:


  • Take the LSAT and pay LSAC the regular fee of $190.


  • Substitute the Kaplan Diagnostic that we will administer  at all three of our campuses.  The cost of the assessment is $130, payable to Monterey College of Law.  The report that you and our academic support team receive from the diagnostic is a very important tool for you as a law student throughout your studies with us.  The diagnostic is 4 hours long and provides us with detailed information as a basis for beginning law school.  It is our belief that the Kaplan Diagnostic gives you and us more useful information than does the LSAT score.


  • Submit your results from the Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) as a substitute for the LSAT.  This is a test given for admissions to most graduate school programs.


  • Request MCL for a waiver to the LSAT requirement.  We will consider a waiver if the applicant has another graduate school degree that lends itself to the study of law and/or years in a career that lends itself to the study of law.

Law School Admission Test for the Master of Legal Studios And LL.M. Degrees

The LSAT is not required for the M.L.S. or LL.M. degree programs.


Applicants are required to submit official transcripts of all academic studies completed prior to application to law school. Official transcripts must be received in envelopes sealed by the issuing school. Transcripts should be sent to: Admissions, 100 Colonel Durham St., Seaside, CA 93955. E-transcripts can be sent to: Once submitted, transcripts become the property of the college and will not be returned.

Personal Statement

Your opportunity to provide the Admissions Committee with information that distinguishes you from other applicants comes from your personal statement. This narrative enables the Committee members to perceive your uniqueness, as well as your writing ability. You should include life experiences, challenges and how they were met, why Monterey College of Law should admit you as a student, why you are interested in the law and attending law school, and the skills and abilities you bring to the study of law. LL.M. and M.L.S applicants should discuss how the LL.M. or M.L.S degrees are anticipated to advance their professional or academic objectives.

Transfer Law Students

MCL welcomes transfer applicants from other law schools. MCL may consider prior study at accredited and registered unaccredited law schools. However, each application is considered on an individual basis. Transfer applicants must submit the following:

  • Completed MCL application and $75.00 application fee.
  • Personal statement that explains why the student is requesting a transfer to MCL.
  • A letter of good standing from the student’s previous law school(s).
  • Official transcript from previous law school.
  • Other documentation depending on student’s specific circumstances (i.e. LSAT scores, FYLSX scores, TOEFL scores, etc.)

Pre-Law Study Outside the United States

If you completed your pre-legal education outside the United States, your transcript must be evaluated by an approved credential evaluations agency. The State Bar of California provides a list of approved agencies. Please contact Assistant Dean of Admissions, Adam Ancira-Corrigan at for more information.

Campus Visits

We encourage you to visit Monterey College of Law. As a prospective student, you may arrange to meet informally with students, faculty, and staff. You are also encouraged to attend a class. Please contact Dean of Admissions, Wendy LaRiviere at or 831-582-4000 ext. 1012 for an appointment.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Monterey College of Law admits students without regard to race, age, sex, creed, color, physical handicap, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, national or ethnic origin.

Student Loans

As a state-accredited law school, Monterey College of Law is not a Federal Title IV educational institution. This means that MCL students do not qualify for federally insured educational loans. However, Sallie Mae private loans are available to students based on their personal credit or that of a co-signer. In some cases, the law school is able to provide individual short-term private loans to assist students.

When students obtain a loan from a third party, we must certify certain information on each loan application. Student applicants pay a non-refundable loan-processing fee to Monterey College of Law for this certification, even if the loan is not ultimately approved. When a loan check is received, MCL will promptly notify the applicant and draw a check payable to the applicant. At that time all current tuition owed must be paid.

To learn more check out Sallie Mae!

Tuition and Fees

See the Schedule of Fees for current tuition and fees. Monterey College of Law has a policy of protecting students from tuition increases during their course of study. As long as a student remains continuously enrolled in good academic standing at Monterey College of Law, their tuition rate per semester will not increase. This unique policy by the MCL Board of Trustees allows MCL law students to estimate the entire cost of their law degree (excluding books and materials) at the time of their initial enrollment.

To learn more visit out Tuition and Financial Page.

Tuition Policy

Monterey College of Law is an independent, non-profit educational institution that receives no support from taxes or other public funds. The primary source of revenue comes directly from student tuition.

Annual tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. For those students in need of additional flexibility in paying their tuition and fees, MCL provides a tuition installment program (“TIP”). Under the TIP program, students are allowed to pay the annual amount due in monthly installments. A TIP enrollment form will be available during registration.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters

Fall and Spring Semesters are each 16 weeks long. The Summer Semester is 11 weeks long. J.D. and J.D./M.L.S. concurrent students should plan to attend three Summer Semesters during their course of study. M.L.S. students generally attend one Summer Semester. LL.M. students may attend Summer Semester courses depending on their individual program of study.

Evening Class Schedule

Evening classes are held Monday through Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at both the Seaside and Santa Cruz locations.

Articulation Agreement

Monterey College of Law does not have any formal articulation agreements with other colleges or universities.

Business and Professions Code Section 6061.7 (4)

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Non-Refundable Fee

When you are accepted, you reserve your place in the first year class with a non-refundable reservation fee of $500.00. Upon enrollment, a portion of this fee is applied to your first semester tuition. Please contact Dean of Admissions, Wendy LaRiviere at for details related to reservation fees and tuition.

Tuition Refund Policy

The annual flat tuition rate is based on taking 12 or more units during the academic year that includes the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. Students who enroll on a flat tuition schedule for 12 units or more during an academic year (including combined Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters) are only eligible for a prorated refund if they submit timely add/drop forms and are approved by the Academic Dean to drop to fewer than 12 enrolled units for the combined Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. For example, if you register for 9 units in Fall Semester, 9 in Spring Semester, and 4 units for the Summer Semester, but are approved to drop all Summer Semester courses, there is no prorated tuition refund because you will have already completed more than 12 semester units (in this example, 18 units during the Fall and Spring) during the academic year.

Students who submit timely add/drop forms and are approved to enroll in fewer than 12 units in an academic year can be eligible for a prorated refund of tuition charges. To be eligible for a tuition refund, a student must notify the Academic Dean and the Registrar by filing a timely add/drop form and submitting a written notice (by hard copy or email) of his/her intention to reduce the number of enrolled units and/or withdraw from the academic program. The amount of tuition refund is determined as of the date of receipt of written notice of withdrawal and is calculated as follows:

Withdrawal before the start of instruction: 100% Tuition Refund

Withdrawal during the first 60% of instruction: * Pro Rata Tuition Refund

Total hours of instruction offered (minus) Total hours elapsed   X   Total Tuition Cost
Total hours of instruction offered

Withdrawal after completion of 60%* of instruction: No refund

* 60% of instruction is completed in the 9th week of classes during the Fall and Spring Semesters and in the 6th week of classes during the Summer Semester.

Please note that fees are not refundable.

Students attending the College under the Veteran’s Administration Bill are governed by a special refund policy. For more information, contact Assistant Dean of Admissions Adam Ancira-Corrigan at