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Mandell Gisnet Center

MGC logo in whiteOur History

The Mandell Gisnet Center for Conflict Management (MGC), at the Monterey College of Law, a 501(c)(3), is committed to providing education, training and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, to Monterey County.

MGC, housed in old Fort Ord buildings in Monterey County, California, was founded with the vision that conflicts can be resolved in a peaceful, amicable manner and without expensive, protracted, and damaging legal battles. In 2005, Maurice Mandell and Rebekah Gisnet left a bequest to the Monterey College of Law as a result of their personal challenges related to the legal system. Their bequest was used to form MGC. They resolved that a large portion of their estate would be given as a bequest for the creation and promotion of conflict management through the Monterey College of Law. MGC has fulfilled this vision by offering a variety of educational classes and workshops, as well as mediation and other conflict management services at Court and in the Monterey community.


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(831) 582-5234
2620 Colonel Durham Street
Seaside, California 93955