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Monterey College of Law is an independent, nonprofit educational institution that receives no support from taxes or other public funds. The primary source of revenue comes directly from student tuition. Annual tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration.

Monterey College of Law believes that it is the first law school in California to implement a policy of protecting students from tuition increases during their course of study. As long as a student remains continuously enrolled in good academic standing at Monterey College of Law, their tuition rate will not increase. This unique policy by the MCL Board of Trustees allows MCL law students to estimate the entire cost of their law degree (excluding books and materials) at the time of their initial enrollment. In recent years, other law schools in California have increased tuition during one's academic program by as much as 35%. Over the past six years, MCL estimates that our tuition policy has resulted in more than $750,000 in lower tuition costs for MCL students.

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