Congratulations to Empire College of Law student Tina Albrecht, on receiving the Olga Gracey and Empire Legal Student Association Scholarships. 

The Olga Gracey Scholarship is available to self-supporting women in their first year of study at Empire College. The Olga Gracey Scholarship was established by the Student Bar Association of Empire College School of Law in March 1981 in memory of Olga Gracey, a first-year law student who died tragically in a fire in February of the same year. Students, friends, and family members contributed to the original trust fund.  The purpose of the trust is to award a scholarship to qualified first-year law students. The amount awarded to each scholarship recipient is intended to assist with the cost of textbooks required for the first-year course of study for the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded. This scholarship may not be granted every year. 

The Empire Legal Student Association Scholarship was offered in 2024, its final year. The alumni of the Empire Legal Student Association (ELSA) award this one-time scholarship to currently enrolled law students who completed the Paralegal Program at Empire College, School of Business.