Dr. Patrick Marshall's exceptional dedication to justice-involved individuals and visionary leadership in correctional reform have earned him this esteemed recognition. As the Inmate Rehabilitation Manager, Dr. Marshall has revolutionized the approach to rehabilitation and reintegration within the Santa Clara County Jail System.

Under Dr. Marshall's guidance, the creation and leadership of the College Collaborative System (CCS) have opened doors for countless individuals previously excluded from education. The CCS, a pioneering initiative dedicated to providing educational opportunities for incarcerated individuals, has challenged and changed the broader educational and correctional systems' approach to rehabilitation and reintegration. Dr. Marshall's innovative approach to building partnerships and fostering a community of support has been instrumental in the success of CCS.

Dr. Marshall's vision and plan for CCS have led to its significant expansion, from two colleges and two courses in 2020 to six colleges and over 20 different offerings today. His commitment to educational equity and his understanding of the carceral system and criminal justice reform have mobilized educators, correctional staff, administrators, policymakers, and students, creating an ecosystem that amplifies the power of education as a tool for change.