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Alumni Profile: Michael Tryon

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Capt. Michael Tryon

Capt. Michael P. Tryon USN (Ret.)

In 1992, Mike was a Naval Officer assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School Staff.  He wanted to go to law school and, at MCL, he was able to continue to work there while he pursued a legal education.  His next closest law school would have been Santa Clara University School of Law, some 75 miles north of Monterey.

“Having a legal education has allowed for opportunities that I would not have been afforded otherwise in my Naval career, my career in the aerospace and defense industries, and in my current pursuits.”   In addition, Mike believes that, “the quality of education I received at MCL enabled m to successfully compete for, and gain entrance into, an Ivy League university executive program” after he graduated.

“I think having a local law school, providing it is a quality institution, both enhances and enriches the local community. The contributions that a local law school can make in support of its local community can enhance a community’s appeal as well as add to the community’s economic growth.”

Mike also completed a legal postgraduate degree (LLM) at a law school rated among the top 25 in the United States.  Now retired from the Navy, Mike is engaged in his new career as a consultant to industries doing business with the military.  He observed that, “It is important to note that not everyone who acquires a law degree practices law, and quite remarkable to understand how many people in various occupations possess law degrees.”