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50 Years of MCL

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Monterey College of Law

Opportunity and Excellence in Legal Education

Since 1972, Monterey College of Law has prepared our graduates for careers in law, business, and non profit and public sector professions.   By any measure, our first 50 years have been a resounding success.

To celebrate our golden anniversary, we are reconnecting students, alumni, faculty, trustees, and the many others who have encountered MCL.  We are planning lots of activities and events and hope you continue to check this page and join us.


50th Anniversary Honorary Chairs

Leon Panetta

Secretary Leon Panetta 
Monterey native Leon Panetta graduated from University of Santa Clara Law School and began his long, distinguished public service career in 1964 as an U.S. Army intelligence officer. Upon discharge he went to work for Senate minority whip Tom Kuchel in Washington where, in 1969, he was appointed director of the Office for Civil Rights.  After returning to more

Dean Marian Penn

Dean Marian Penn
Often introduced as the first dean of Monterey College of Law, Marian Penn was actually the second Dean of the law school following Founding Dean, David Kirkpatrick.  And, it was during her five-year tenure from 1977-1982 that we achieved our full accreditation from the State Bar Committee of Bar Examiners, funded a Community Legal Education ….read more 


Hon Richard Silver

Hon. Richard Silver
Raised in Oakland, Hon. Richard M. Silver (Ret.) attended UC Berkeley before graduating from Boalt Hall School of Law (as it was then known) in 1966.  Two years in the U.S. Army followed, including a tour in Vietnam during the Tet offensive in early 1968.  He was awarded the Bronze Star and, after his discharge, he joined the Carmel law firm…read more



Monterey College of the Law and the Judiciary 

Hon. Stephanie Hulsey

Stephanie Hulsey

The Honorable Stephanie Hulsey didn’t expect to become a judge when she was growing up. Rather, the Central Coast native trained to be an opera singer, and followed that dream to the Manhattan School of Music. After earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music, she spent the next decade performing classical music and musical theater more

Hon. Thomas Wills

Thomas Wills

The Honorable Thomas Wills, Judge of the Monterey County Superior Court, was born and raised in a rural area of upstate New York. His path to law school and ultimately to the judicial bench reflects the values and characteristics of many MCL students over the years . . . hard work and dedication. As the oldest of 14 children, Tom started his first job as a paperboy at age 10. By the time he entered…read more 

Kathy Stoner

Commissioner Katherine Stoner

From the beginning, Kathy Stoner saw a legal career as a way to do good in the community. She became interested in attending law school after volunteering with a welfare legal assistance program and attending hearings as a fair hearing advocate.
“It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t gone to law school,” said Stoner. “It gave me access to ways to make things happen more


Service to the Community

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Looking Back

Celebrating our 5o year history

class of 1978



Looking Forward

50 years fireworks

Golden Anniversary Campaign

By almost any measure, Monterey College of Law’s first 50 years have been a resounding success. Now, as our Golden Anniversary approaches, it’s time to pose some questions:

• How do we shape our law schools for success over
the next 50 years?

• How do we elevate our academic program to continue
its leadership role in legal education:

• How do we help our students successfully balance
work and family with their desire for a legal education?

• How do we build on our strengths and position our law schools to provide even greater service to our communities in the years to come? …read more 



AND, if you’d like to join us in the excitement of “planning and doing,” we welcome your participation…please email Karen Kadushin, for more information. After all, this is our law school and we’re only 50 once!!